The service we provide is to create for you a website to match your needs. However, there is more to just having a nice looking site. Below are the practices we use to create not only a great looking site, but positioned highly in google and out ability to create the s1te in any language.




We create websites in the two main languages English and French but can offer almost all other languages

Responsive Layouts

A brief introduction to Responsive layouts.

Basically, this means that the websites we create will be displayed in the correct format, Desktop to iphone. and will work on Google, Bin, Yahoo etc...


See how the use of animations has drastically changed.

Only a couple of years ago, FLASH was the main choice to create simple to complex animations for a web site. The downside to using FLASH was that it only functioned in some browsers, mainly desktop PC's, (not on iPads and iPhones).

Recently,  a solution came onto the market in the form of Adobe MUSE which allows a wide range of effects and works on all devices and this is now our prefered software.



Search Engine Optimisation

In most cases a website is not much use if it doesn't appear near to top of search engines.

Whilst it is relatively easy to create a web site, if it does not appear in the first 3 pages of a search engine for the keywords relevant to the site content, then only a few people will ever find your site.


What puts us above other web design companies, is the ability to have your website in many langusges. Using professional translators we can create your site not only in French and English, but any language you require.